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The Importance of Following Logistics Regulations: 3 Types of Shipments

When shipping internationally, adherence to regulations is crucial regardless of the chosen mode of transportation. Whether the shipment is sent as airfreight, ground transport or OBC hand-carry, all methods must follow various regulations. Let’s explore how premium logistics companies adhere to regulations for these 3 types of shipments. When it comes to international logistics, regulatory … Read more

Shipping for Euro Summer 2024: The Biggest Events Happening

Summer 2024 is gearing up to be one of the busiest and most thrilling seasons for major fashion events with sports tournaments, exclusive luxury parties and high-profile celebrations across Europe. If you’re shipping items to one of these events, leveraging a premium logistics partner is your best bet for success.  At Worldnet, we help the … Read more

Worldnet Expands Global Client Services with New Promotions & A New Team Member

Worldnet, the global leader in premium logistics and shipping services for fashion and entertainment, announced the promotion of two long-term team members as well as the hiring of a new Director of Global Sales, signaling the expansion of a global client services footprint that supports a multinational and multilingual client base. Sandrine Albou has been … Read more

Corporate Gifting & Distribution: 3 Reasons to Hire a Premium Logistics Company

Companies take pride in their professional relationships and enjoy reaching out to clients and prospects with generous gifts. But, managing the logistics for these large gifting distributions can be tricky. That’s why hiring a premium logistics company is essential for this endeavor. While corporate gifting typically happens during the holiday season, it can happen anytime … Read more

The On-Board Courier (OBC) Process: How It Works & 3 Benefits

On-board couriers (OBCs) travel with your luxury shipment to ensure ultimate speed of delivery, chain of custody and peace of mind. Let’s go over what the OBC service process looks like and how these dedicated logistics specialists work to get the job done. Transporting luxury items across the globe isn’t a job for just anyone. … Read more

How to Calculate Fuel Surcharge & Chargeable Weight When Shipping: Step-By-Step Directions

Whether you’re shipping something domestically or internationally, there are two things that will impact your final shipping costs: fuel surcharge and chargeable weight. It’s important to determine these costs ahead of time so you can incorporate their value into your shipping plan and budget. Let’s go over how to calculate both. Calculating fuel surcharge and … Read more

What is an ATA Carnet? 14 FAQs

Have you heard of the ATA Carnet? This “passport of goods” can be crucial in importing and exporting goods internationally. But what is it and why would you need one? In this post, we answer the most frequently asked questions about this unique document. No matter the purpose, shipping items internationally is highly complex. The … Read more