Worldnet Shipping FAQs

Questions about Worldnet? Learn more about how we help brands ship critical items all over the world.

Our on board courier and premium services are available on demand 24/7/365. Contact us ASAP so we can assist you.

We specialize in shipping luxury garments, high-value fashion items, footwear and other accessories, electronics, rare and exotic items, and retail displays. If your item isn’t on this list, just ask – we can ship nearly anything.

We handle both domestic and international shipments and work to meet all shipping regulations for each country and region.

We work closely with airport and other transportation personnel to ensure that your item arrives safely. We work to avoid damage, loss and theft by planning ahead of time, ensuring your item has the right documentation, and packaging the item properly to protect it from severe weather. Security is paramount to Worldnet and all our partners, and we work to minimize damage to every shipment. We also offer additional insurance for high-value items.

Yes, we offer on board couriers (OBCs) for valuable items that need the maximum chain of custody.

We have unique shipping crates for your every need, even for luxury garments that need to hang or lay flat during transport.

We offer split shipment services and we can take your items to multiple destinations, on time and unharmed

Yes, we can work with managers, hotel staff, and others who are available to accept your delivery, even if you haven’t arrived yet.

Yes, we utilize ATA Carnets, item declarations and certificates, commercial invoices, and other documentation to ensure that your item meets TSA and Customs requirements. By preplanning your shipment with the correct documentation, we can avoid serious delays.

Yes, you can track your shipment online. For real-time GPS tracking or detailed milestone updates, contact our team.

Usually, yes. The receiving company’s tax ID number (also called an EIN, EORI, VAT or other number, depending on the destination country) is generally necessary for Customs clearance.

Power of attorney (POA) is legal written permission for Worldnet to act on behalf of the receiver of a shipment to import it in a legal and compliant manner through Customs and other regulatory agencies. POA is typically required for shipments being imported into the US and in many other countries as well. We will help you determine when a POA is needed and will walk you through completion of the form. If you are a repetitive importer, we can help you fill out the form one time and it will pertain to future shipments as well.

Worldnet is a business to business company and we primarily manage commercial goods. We can import for private individuals, but the importer of record must be an active US business entity. Please contact our team if you have any questions.

When you need to ask for the world, ask for Worldnet.

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