Premium NFO Shipping for Fashion & Luxury

Our best-in-class, next flight out (NFO) shipping and logistics service. Ensure your shipment is treated with the utmost care, attention, and maneuverability, from pickup to delivery.

Built for Fashion’s
Urgent & Complex Shipments

Our Premium logistics service covers most shipping needs, from urgent and delicate to the one of a kind. Ship an important item anywhere quickly and precisely, no matter its complexity or size. Our Premium service covers a wide array of specialty shipments, including high value items that require CITES, US Fish & Wildlife, ATA Carnets, Temporary Admissions and more.


We have offices and local logistics hubs
in fashion’s biggest markets and trusted
partners around the globe.

Dedicated Tracking

All Premium shipments include dedicated tracking that keeps you up to date on the status and location of your goods.

Rerouting In Transit

Whether it’s a last-minute change in your delivery address or a complete change in destination, our Premium service provides the flexibility to reroute your items.

Crating & Uncrating

No two shipments are the same, which is why we can create and disassemble unique packaging to keep your items safe.

Split Shipments

If a shipment requires splitting the contents before delivery, our Premium service allows you to request photos and redirect parts of your shipment to different locations.

Return Logistics

If return logistics services are requested, a shipment’s packaging can be stored at a Worldnet location and reused for return transit.

Premium Service FAQs

Our Premium service is for shipments that are time sensitive and may require additional regulatory services such as CITES, U.S. Fish and Wildlife or return logistics.

Yes! Worldnet’s Premium service is a best-in-class NFO capability built specifically for fashion and luxury, although it can be utilized for other item types as well.

In all industries, there are business situations where shipments are more time sensitive or more regulatorily complex. And, specifically relative to fashion and luxury, there are regulatory agencies beyond Customs itself (CITES, Fish and Wildlife in the US, etc.) or duty mitigation procedures (ATA Carnets, Temporary Imports, Goods Return, etc.) that cannot be utilized within the Express service level. It is during these occurrences that Worldnet’s Premium service delivers incredible value and peace of mind for its customers.

Worldnet offers highly unique features which are consequential to the needs of the fashion and luxury industry, including, but not limited to:

  • Rerouting while in transit
  • Splitting of items within a shipment while in transit
  • Packing or crating and unpacking or uncrating at destination

Feel free to inquire further about how this service works for fashion & luxury.

Delivery times can be as narrow as in 15 minute windows, 24/7/365.

No – Premium shipments can be any size and weight. We will make the necessary accommodations.

No other company offers a Premium NFO service specifically for fashion and luxury. The customization of our Premium service and, more importantly, our decades of experience, make our Premium service a vitally important part of our customers’ logistics toolkits.

How It Works

Premium shipments are treated with priority attention and individuality from booking to delivery.

  • Shipments are handled individually, which enables end-to-end tracking
  • GPS or cellular technology can be added to allow for real-time, continuous tracking 
  • 15-minute delivery windows, 24/7/365 
  • Any size and weight are accepted
  • Photographic checks are available to request at origin, in transit or at delivery

Who We Serve

Our Premium NFO service is designed for those in the fashion, entertainment and tech industries, but is suitable for many others. We specialize in transporting high-value items and items that have complex shipping requirements. Our logistics capabilities aren’t limited by size or weight—we get your item to its destination on time and in perfect condition.

What We Frequently Transport

Industry Use Cases

Case Study

A fashion client took over a secure landmark building in New York for its Spring ‘23 collection – and Worldnet was there to manage the logistics. 

  • Prior to the show, we had several calls with our client to discuss all pertinent information
  • When our client’s team and their fashion items flew to NYC from Paris, Worldnet’s drivers were there to receive and deliver 110 packages to the landmark building 
  • We leveraged ATA Carnets for applicable items and provided drivers, driver helpers, and a 53-foot truck for the shipment 
  • We then delivered 116 wardrobe boxes to the 45th floor of the building using our specialized equipment
  • We personally hand-delivered all materials for the event and photoshoot, stayed behind the scenes during the show, and then collected all material and shipped it back to Paris after the show was over

Ask for the World

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Fashion & Press Logistics Case Studies

Fashion Case Study

Our team was on the ground for six weeks, managing and organizing private couture collections, communicating with clients, and leveraging OBCs (on-board couriers) to hand-carry luxury fashion items across the globe.

Global Glamour

Worldnet worked with the world renown French fashion brand, Mugler to ensure the seamless transport and timely delivery of gorgeous garments across the globe, reflecting a partnership founded on trust, reliability and a commitment to excellence in global logistics.