Technology Prototype Logistics

For the past two decades, we have delivered to every corner of the world, ensuring agility, precision, and adaptability with the highest level of security.

We’ve delivered prototypes of new consumer products going to C-level execs of large public companies, to arranging a charter and obtaining an emergency landing permit and customs clearance on a Sunday at a major international gateway airport, to visual merchandise rollouts of life size technical equipment, including power sources, throughout the globe. We do what it takes, whether in the planning, execution or post-execution stages, to deliver detailed precision to our clients.

Design and Prototyping Logistics Services

  • Project management
  • High security prototype logistics including GPS tracking, hand carries
  • Returns after testing or demonstration including duty and tax abatement options

Production Logistics Services

  • Samples logistics, including returns
  • Materials or components aggregation (remote logistics between factories)

Final Product Shipping and Delivery Services

  • Packing and crating
  • Custom solutions for odd sizes or weights
  • Air and Ground transport options
  • Timed deliveries, to the hour and minute
  • Storage options
  • Urgent Distribution options (Covid-19 supplies or restocks, display parts supplies, brand collateral)

Installation Assistance Services

  • Unpacking and uncrating
  • Debris removal
  • Waiting at site for return of any components


Technology Prototype Logistics Case Studies

Special Projects

 This case study details the intricacies of a complex project, the various challenges faced by the team, the tight coordination required, and the solutions put in place along the way to ensure successful delivery.

Original Laptop

Our client, a leading consumer hardware technology company, called us on a Thursday night with an urgent need to send an important, one of a kind laptop computer to one of their most important influencers in the music industry…

Consumer Technology Storefront Rollout

Our client is a leading technology visual display manufacturer. They contracted Worldnet on behalf of their client, a leading consumer technology retailer. The project involved the end to end transport…

Sensitive Prototype

This shipment was a sensitive prototype for a consumer technology company. It was tendered in a small, custom crate that was locked down and could not be opened. Though the actual…