Fashion & Press Logistics

From the runway to the front page, your success relies on precision, reliability, and speed. Worldnet offers expert shipping and logistics solutions for your most complex and urgent shipments, all designed to meet the unique needs of fashion designers, brands, and press agencies worldwide.

Luxury Shipping Services
for Fashion & Press Teams 

Our fashion logistics services cover event logistics, unique press-related needs, exotic goods and so much more. Ship your most urgent fashion items around the world with complete visibility, security and commercial sensitivity. 

24/7/365 Global Coverage

We have offices and local logistics hubs
in fashion’s biggest markets and trusted
partners around the globe.

ATA Carnets

For certain shipments that will be returning to the exporting country, ATA Carnets may be a valuable tool to legally mitigate or avoid duties and taxes. Worldnet has invaluable expertise in carnets, and can generate carnets in-house.


Our vetted and experienced onboard couriers will accompany your most sensitive shipments end to end in their expert care, allowing for instantaneous tracking, troubleshooting and communication.

Custom Packing & Crating

No two shipments are the same, which is why we can create and disassemble unique packaging to keep your items safe.

Return & Onward Transportation

If an item needs to be returned to its original location or forwarded to a new destination, our services can include rerouting in transit as well as returning to origin, often with legally compliant duty and tax advantages.

GPS Tracking

Have the possibility to track your shipment in real-time and stay informed about its location and expected arrival time. 


Features Built for Fashion

Worldnet logistics services are designed to help fashion and press teams transport highly complex and extremely urgent goods around the world. Shipments are treated with ultimate sensitivity and security from booking to delivery.

Who We Serve

Our fashion and press logistics are designed for those in the fashion, media, and entertainment industries, including fashion designers, brands, retailers, press agencies, journalists, stylists, photographers, and event organizers. Whether you’re showcasing the latest trends on the runway, distributing shipping samples to media outlets, or coordinating high-profile events, Worldnet services are crafted to meet your unique needs.

What We Frequently Transport

Industry Use Cases

Fashion & Press Logistics Case Studies

Case Study

Our team was on the ground for six weeks, managing and organizing private couture collections, communicating with clients, and leveraging OBCs (on-board couriers) to hand-carry luxury fashion items across the globe.

Special Projects
Case Study

A fashion client took over a secure landmark building in New York for its Spring ‘23 collection – and Worldnet was there to manage the logistics. Thanks to a combination of Worldnet’s premium services, the event was able to go off without a hitch.

When Fashion &
Sports Meet

Worldnet successfully executed an international luxury shipment for a prestigious sportswear photoshoot. This case study outlines the intricacies of the project and showcases the benefits of using a premium logistics company for high-profile shipments.

Fashion Partner

KMJR.World is a boutique fashion public relations agency that collaborates with best-in-class creatives to develop positive, scalable, and global projects and communication strategies.

Press Days

Our client is a London based iconic luxury fashion brand with additional offices in Italy and the US. They entrust Worldnet to ship high value and irreplaceable press samples, along with entire new season collections.

Fashion & Press Logistics FAQs

Our Fashion and Press service is built for timely and discretion-sensitive global shipments that must meet exacting deadlines.

Worldnet specializes in shipping a wide range of fashion and press items, including clothing, accessories, press kits, promotional materials, samples, and exhibition displays. Our tailored logistics solutions cater to the unique requirements of each item, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

Worldnet employs strict security protocols, including GPS tracking, on board couriers, and compliance with national regulatory agencies, ensuring the safety and integrity of every shipment.

Yes! Worldnet’s Fashion and Press service is ideal for major fashion events and includes project management, ATA Carnet production, custom packing and crating, on-site assistance, and return transportation, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Worldnet’s Fashion and Press service is ideal for those who work in the fashion industry because it offers specialized logistics solutions tailored to the unique needs of fashion designers, brands, and press agencies. Our attention to detail, adherence to compliance regulations, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the preferred logistics partner for leading fashion and press entities worldwide.

Delivery times can be as narrow as in 15 minute windows, 24/7/365.

No – Fashion and Press shipments can be any size and weight. We will make the necessary accommodations.

Yes, Worldnet has extensive experience in shipping to remote or challenging locations worldwide. Our global network of partners and carriers enables us to reach even the most remote destinations, providing reliable facilitating smooth entry into other countries.

Worldnet’s expertise, tailored solutions, and dedication to excellence make us the preferred logistics partner for leading fashion designers, brands, and press agencies worldwide. With over two decades of experience and a variety of logistics certifications, we understand the unique needs of the industry and strive to deliver unparalleled service every time.

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