Fashion & Press Logistics

If fashion never sleeps then we’ve created the ultimate shipping solution for a moment’s notice. Our Fashion services are tailored to the specific needs of each client and their critical projects, producing a shipping experience unlike any other.

“We would need to get clothes to a W shoot in the desert two hours from an airport,” Ms. Licht said. “Worldnet gets in a car. FedEx does not do that.”

At Worldnet, our style is a masterful combination of speed, customization, and compliance. From fashion shows, press shipments, and exotic goods, we do it all. We’ve delivered to every corner of the world via ground, air, or sea. Our experience runs deep; for the past two decades, the inner circles of fashion have trusted us to deliver their most fabulous designs.

Yashua Simmons, the style editor for Hearst Fashion Group, said that around the office, Worldnet has become, like Xerox (or for that matter FedEx), a verb: “We say, ‘How are we going to get it there? We’re going to Worldnet it.”

Press Shipments

  • Complete visibility including GPS tracking
  • Time definite delivery, hour and minute
  • Ultimate commercial sensitivity and security, including hand carries
  • Returns, including a variety of duty and value added tax abatement strategies

Fashion Show Projects

    • Project management
    • ATA Carnet production and administration
    • Packing and crating
    • Air, Ground and Water modes of transportation
    • Air-ride, flat bed, crane or any transport customization
    • On site services including debris removal, re-packing and re-crating or even affixing complicated or delicate pieces on models behind catwalks (yes, we have done it)
    • Return or onward transportation
    • Storage
    • VIP and Celebrity Services
    • Waiting at destination (try on and return)
    • Return consignments
    • Photo capturing of contents
    • Complete visibility including GPS tracking
    • Time definite delivery, hour and minute
    • Exotic goods i.e. hides and furs involving additional national regulatory compliance agencies.
    • Ultimate commercial sensitivity and security, including hand carries


All of our cross-border services naturally include customs brokerage that is particularly attuned to Fashion’s needs. There are plenty of express delivery companies, trucking companies and freight forwarders that are great at what they do; but when it comes to Fashion, generalists struggle to specialize. Worldnet is the specialist, this is what we do.

Fashion Logistics Case Studies

Fashion Partner Spotlight

KMJR.World is a boutique fashion public relations agency that collaborates with best-in-class creatives to develop positive, scalable, and global projects and communication strategies.

International Press Days

Our client is a London based iconic luxury fashion brand with additional offices in Italy and the US. They entrust Worldnet to ship high value and irreplaceable press samples, along with entire new season collections…