Achieving and Sustaining Climate Neutrality by 2030

2021 Sustainability Targets

We at Worldnet International believe that the health and wellbeing of our planet is important. We believe that everyone deserves clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and nontoxic places to live, now and for many generations to come.
As a means to contribute to the betterment of our planet we are committing ourselves to achieving and sustaining climate neutrality by 2030. In order to accomplish our goal, we have evaluated our business practices and are implementing alternatives to lessen our impact.

Our Goals for 2021

  • Achieve 25% of supplier OLA commitments towards environmental awareness and goals
  • Achieve workforce training and awareness to 100%
  • Achieve recycling across all facilities to 100%
  • Reduce paper consumption by 20%
  • Reduce and offset carbon emissions by 15%
  • Replace 25% of facility lighting with energy efficient bulbs
  • Upgrade 25% of facility thermostats with automation or eco-friendly configuration
  • Develop sustainable customer emissions reporting, providing transparency and enabling customer participation on their shipments
  • Develop customer participation program in carbon offsets for their shipments
  • Participate in Carbon Disclosure Project –
Progress Made
  • Develop sustainable customer emissions reporting, providing transparency and enabling customer participation on their shipments
  • Incorporated environmental foundations into our ISO IMS formally – policies, procedures and 100% training awareness.
  • ISO14001 accreditation
  • Ecovadis Silver Medal 2021
  • Tested and established a full year of confident measurements across major functional areas – service, transportation, facilities
  • Consumption – Paper, Electricity, Gas, Water, Waste
  • Emissions – Direct GHG, Indirect GHG
  • Introduced digitalization initiatives, updated processes and systems reducing paper consumption near 70% over the last three years
  • Installed new fleet management technology to real time monitor and analyze fuel economy, route efficiency and cargo capacity
  • Registered with UNFCCC for Carbon Offset
  • Began contribution November 2020, offsetting 100 metric tons of emissions

How We Plan to Meet our Goals

To improve our impact to the environment, social, and economy aspects with relevance and agility – we will assess and approach each goal scientifically annually and at milestone completion: Measure Quantify goals, measure current state and set targets with action plans Reduce Be ambitious and take action to achieve reduction targets Contribute When unable to take action directly or the impact is unavoidable – contribute through other means and mediums Hold us Accountable Continue to watch this space as we eagerly work towards making a healthy and happy planet and update you on our advancements.