5 Benefits of Using a Premium Logistics Company

Wondering if you should use a premium logistics company for your high-value shipment? Here are five of the biggest reasons you absolutely should. 

Shipping high-value items can be stressful and daunting. With shipping regulations, security protocols and tight deadlines, it’s difficult to get the job done yourself. And relying on a standard shipping carrier just won’t work, as they don’t offer the necessary services to complete a high-value shipment.

That’s where an experienced premium logistics company can make all the difference.

What is a Premium Logistics Provider? 

On a basic level, a premium logistics provider is a carrier that specializes in transporting high-value or extremely complex shipments, all over the world. This kind of shipping requires greater precision and care at every step. As such, a premium logistics company will have more rigorous packing and handling procedures, and more in-depth tracking capabilities.

They will also have a deeper understanding of international shipping requirements, including the various regulatory hurdles and regional nuances that can complicate a package’s journey. To help you navigate these complications, they typically offer an additional layer of specialized services a standard carrier won’t – from onboard couriers to regulatory document preparation to chartered flights.

Now let’s look at how working with a premium logistics provider can benefit you and your company.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Premium Logistics Provider 

Premium logistics carriers get your items from point A to B without a hitch – but it’s the shipping process itself that provides the real benefits. Here are the five biggest.

#1 – Convenience  

Shipping packages isn’t your job – you probably have a ton of other responsibilities and don’t have the time to manage a high-value shipment from start to finish. Using a premium logistics company is the most convenient way to handle this task because your only duties are providing the item, its delivery location and time. After that, you can trust that the item will arrive on time and unharmed because a premium logistics company handles everything from packaging, to insurance, to documentation.

Additionally, most premium logistics companies offer on-board courier (OBC) hand carry service. This means a professional courier will personally chaperone your item to its destination, even through multiple checkpoints. Whether that requires a train, plane, boat or all three, this person will remain with your item over the entire journey.

#2 – On-Time Performance 

In many cases, a high-value item must arrive at its destination on a specific day at a specific time because of an important event, photoshoot or business transaction. This type of punctuality is nearly impossible to guarantee ­– but good premium logistics companies will pre-plan to mitigate any delays. They are able to do so because of extensive planning that helps ensure:

  • All required documentation is completed.
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Customs requirements are met.
  • The correct packaging is used.
  • There is a plan B in case transportation is delayed.

#3 – Compliance

Both domestic and international shipping have unique logistics needs, and a premium logistics company knows how to navigate each one. For example, premium shipping specialists know that the TSA X-rays all bags before putting them on a flight, so they will screen the contents if anything looks suspicious. In fact, some premium logistics companies have their own in-house X-ray machines (Worldnet included) so they can see how items will look when they go through security. This helps ensure compliance and avoid potential problems at the airport.

Documenting an item correctly is also a key element of compliance. Supporting documents are critical for a shipment’s on-time delivery. A premium provider knows what documentation is required for certain items and how to prepare it correctly. Examples include:

#4 – Financial Efficiency 

Premium logistics companies know how to save you money on duties and taxes – by utilizing ATA Carnets and shipping programs that reduce certain taxes and duty exposure.

ATA Carnets are a “passport of goods,” which enables a duty and tax reduction for transporting of goods that return to their country of export within one year. ATA stands for Admission Temporaire/Temporary Admission and is the name for a treaty between more than 80+ countries allowing for its use. Using an ATA Carnet for an applicable item can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Other shipping program examples include:

  • Duty Drawbacks – Refunds on duties, taxes and fees paid on imported goods that are later exported.
  • Goods Return – Used to return delivered goods to vendors or to reverse a purchasing transaction for an item.

A premium logistics company understands how these shipping programs work and will consult with you regarding applicable items and how to save money on every shipment.

#5 – Peace of Mind

Many premium logistics companies specialize in shipping certain types of goods, such as fashion and luxury. As such, they know the ins and outs of the industry and its demands. Your new team of logistics experts will know what services and documentation you need based on the commodity you’re shipping.

This kind of confidence and predictability is rare in the logistics world. Knowing that you can trust your shipping partner to fulfill the most complex shipments provides absolute peace of mind, allowing you to focus more on the project or event you’re planning.

Final Thoughts

Premium logistics companies are often a much better option for moving high-value goods or complex shipments internationally. They know how to be careful, but also fast. And they know how and where to shield you from risk and expense. If you regularly ship important items or face shipping challenges, having a premium logistics provider on your vendor shortlist is a must.

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