Project Management

Worldnet provides Project Management Services for the planning, coordinating, and onsite handling of large-scale projects throughout the globe

Our team will deliver end-to-end solutions for fashion events with speed, customization, and compliance.

Your 15 minutes on the runway is preceded by months of preparation and management, with the combined efforts of multiple internal departments, outside vendors, and factories across the globe.

Worldnet will define project parameters and requirements, plan for logistics necessities and execute with precision.

Project Management Solutions

  • Construction of Project Timeline
  • Organization of Stakeholders and Participants
  • Assessment of Customs Regulatory Requirements for Import/Export
  • Coordination of Import/Export Clearance with Third Party Brokerage Teams
  • Documentation Creation (Invoice, Packing List, Carnet, HAWB, MAWB, etc)
  • Labeling and Packaging in accordance with Regulatory Requirements
  • On-Site packing/unpacking, garment handling and control of fashion goods
  • Transport Arrangement from End to End

“We love working with Worldnet and look forward to partnering with them again.”

Netta RuthSenior Manager, Global Events, Coach

Get familiar with the plentiful ways the world’s most influential brands are optimizing their logistics operations. In our latest case study, we dig deep into a global fashion house’s redesign of large-scale events.